Blogilo and WordPress

14 Jun

I’ve recently posted up a KDE SC 4.5 beta 2 review which I wrote entirely in Blogilo, a blogging application. It was generally a nice experience, but on actually posting the blog to WordPress it did something weird: it, "scheduled" the post for right now, instead of publishing it immediately.

Now, in theory this wouldn’t be a problem, but in reality the result was that WordPress didn’t publish the post at all. So, I scheduled it later, thinking it would post it then. No, nothing doing. So I figured it would be easy enough to override the schedule and post it immediately. Nah, you can’t. In the end, the only way to get the damn thing available to the public was to copy the entire post to a new post, delete the original and publish the new one immediately – using the WordPress website. Irritating! ¬_¬

This still isn’t working. I’m going to ask around about it.

EDIT: Actually, my system time was a day ahead(!). That’s why Blogilo was scheduling my blogs so far ahead. Embarrassing! Well, it’s fixed now 🙂


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