For crying out loud, not another damned box!

2 Sep

So Apple just recently released the new iOS-based T.V set-top-box thing, Google’s going to release their Android-based Google T.V system (with Logitech providing a set-top-box on launch) and Reddit’s bombarding me with adverts for the TiVo internet-enabled… set-top-box.

Look, I’ll just tell you how it is, plain and simple: I have a T.V with remote; a Sky box with remote; a DVD player with remote; a surround-sound system with remote; and finally, an X-Box. My T.V rack is kinda cluttered, as is my remote control holder. What makes all you people think that exactly the kind of thing I want to blow money on is yet another God-forsaken box with yet another God-forsaken remote?!

Look, I’ll tell you what the clever thing to do would be: make a T.V. Include the basics: wide-screen plasma, SCART sockets and the like. Include Freeview built-in. One box, one remote down (technically, this doesn’t help with the Sky box any, but I’m going lowest-common-denominator here). Now, put a CD/DVD slot in the top and have playback controls on the T.V’s remote. There. Box/Remote combo number 2, down. Now, add a wireless card and let it connect to a LAN: this can be set up in the T.V’s settings or something. Write a piece of software for PCs(/Macs/whatever) that lets you click-n-drag files and websites to an icon and have them play on the T.V somehow. Yet another box, yet another remote, thrown out. Slap a logo on it and sell it as the next revolution in T.V technology. Job’s a good’un.

Seriously, if you need someone to come up with this stuff for you (and manage specifics etc.), I’m unemployed. Send me an interview request if your name’s Google.


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