3 Things That Ubuntu One Should Sync, That It Doesn’t

28 Dec

Ubuntu One a syncing service that Canonical bundles with Ubuntu. I think it’s great that it’s bundled with the OS, but it doesn’t feel like it’s being extended to its full potential (or even most of it). Recognize that I’m talking about the syncing service alone, as opposed to syncing+music store+[insert new feature here]. As of right now, it seems just to be Dropbox++. Since it’s bundled with the system, there are a few life-saving ways that it could be integrated into the system as well:

1. Desktop Wallpaper, Icons & Panels

This one’s as basic as it sounds: just sync the Desktop folder, the Desktop background image and the panel set-up. The user starts up their brand-spanking-new Ubuntu system and finds their familiar set-up ready to go. No looking for a pretty desktop background image, no re-creating application icons on the desktop, no fiddling with the panels to get them just right: they’ve done it all once, now sync it so it doesn’t have to be done ever again.

2. Installed Applications

Put this in the Software Centre, please. Automatically record and sync installed applications to Ubuntu One, then install them all on your laptop and/or that new computer you just bought. Obviously, the actual installation shouldn’t be automatic: I don’t want all my desktop apps on my netbook or work computer, for example, but make it easy please.

3. Online Accounts & Wallets

Ubuntu’s recent push towards social networking and the like is great, as is their indicator applet, and Gnome’s built-in password storage implementation is fantastic for when I only want to remember one password, but it’s for naught if I have to set it up on every computer I need them on. Sync E-mail accounts, Broadcast accounts, Instant Messaging accounts and the login wallet for passwords so I don’t have to go through these set-up steps several times.

There you go: 3 things (well, technically 6 (or 8 depending on how you’re counting)) that Ubuntu One could (and maybe should) sync to make it a totally kick-ass service, compiled in a teeny-tiny blog-post.


3 Responses to “3 Things That Ubuntu One Should Sync, That It Doesn’t”

  1. redlaber December 28, 2010 at 16:34 #

    It will be in OneConf. Its in active development now.

  2. Rodney Dawes December 30, 2010 at 19:45 #

    OneConf is already included in Ubuntu, and allows you to synchronize the installed applications between your machines; satisfying #2 in your post.

    We’ve discussed syncing settings and keyrings before, but too many things use them completely incorrectly at the moment, to make it useful and support as many things as possible.

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