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University Life So Far

13 Nov

I’ve been going to University now for a little over a month, so I feel it’s a good time (and a good excuse) to write a blog post about it! Suffice to say I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself the whole time.

Accommodation And Flat Mates

My Accommodation, while small, is quite cozy and includes an en-suit shower. I’ve adapted completely to it and feel completely comfortable living here. Having accommodation that’s good is a nice first step into University. Fortunately, I get along really well with my flatmates as well, which makes living at University easy. Moving in didn’t take long at all and the shared kitchen includes everything I hoped for, including a kettle, ironing board/iron, microwave, toaster, stove/oven/grill and a fridge/freezer. That does mean that I spent a little money I didn’t need to (on an iron, a toaster and a kettle (actually, the kettle was a gift)), unfortunately. Maybe I should have read the accommodation information more closely…


Before coming to Unviersity, I didn’t drink alcohol at all, so I decided it was about time to experiment. Lager is just foul. I do enjoy ciders, as well as Guiness, though not often out to get blind drunk I usually just buy a couple of bottles of Bulmers or Kopperberg. There has been exception, of course – one night, I drank a shot of vodka, 4 shots of Jagermeister, and a couple of bottles of cider, since everyone wanted to see whether I could still juggle drunk. Not only can I, but I could still ride my 5-foot unicycle. That was a good night.


I’ve made a lot of friends during my time here, most from the course I’m taking and quite a few from societies too – but all at least as crazy as I am, which is comforting.

A few of my friends – they ARE representative of my other friends as well. Scary.

Because so many of my friends are so interested in computers, bouncing ideas and asking them what’s going on is a good way to learn – and helping people that don’t understand what was coverred in a certain lecture is a good way to understand them. Talking about programming languages, recent technology news and computers is pretty standard for us, which isn’t something I’ve ever really encounted before. It’s awesome.


I’ve enjoyed my lectures a lot, and it’s thanks in no small part to the lecturers, all whom I’ve become fond of (though they see me, perhaps, as an incessent prat who can’t keep his mouth shut).

A Lecturer in a funny hat
Just in case there was any doubt that my lecturers are as crazy as I am…

The main difference between my lectureres here and my tutors in college/high school is that you can tell the lecturers are enjoying themselves in their work, and really know what they’re talking about. I’ve noticed the same thing with students coming here, too – they’re all bright people who really enjoy the course. Far more motivating than my past educational career.


Lectures are a very different beast to the classes I had in school and college. While the lecturers do tend to take questions, give answers and encourage participation, little time is wasted on making sure everyone understood what was coverred: the onus is very much on us to pay attention, keep up and leave whatever we don’t understand for further study later. Because we’re surrounded by people who all love the subject, picking up on anything that we missed later is easy – we’ll likely be talking about the lecture after anyway. It’s encouraging to be surrounded by people who enjoy it, as we all love to talk about it. I had the opportunity to take a much cheaper course with the Open University, live at home and find work, but I chose to come to University instead – my main reasoning being that I would be surrounded by people doing the same thing as me, and that are as interested in the course as I am. That is absolutely the case, and I certainly think I made the right choice.


I used to doubt other people when they said University life were the best years of their lives, or at least that it would be for me (given my track record in education). Now that I’m here, I absolutely understand where they were coming from. I may not have been here long, but on the other hand I’ve never felt as comfortable where I am as I do now. Looking forward, I’ve a good feeling about University.

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